Eddie Van Halen's Legendary Vintage Guitar Is Coming Back

Photo by JeffBabicz.com

Guitar Maker Jeff Babicz Restored the Famous Steinberger 5150. 'I Want to Play This Guitar Again, People Want to See It', Said Van Halen

Guitar Fanatics and Van Halen fans - This is for you: Back in the 1980’s, Jeff Babicz (Babicz Guitars) build Eddie Van Halen’s legendary Steinberger 5150. Now - he restored it. With a similar design to Van Halen’s famous ‘Frankenstart’, the unique guitar was played by Van Halen on songs like ‘Sumer Nights’, ‘Get Up’ and more. 

According to vhnd.com, Babciz recently got a call from Van Halen himself, asking him if he’s interested in restoring the old guitar. Babciz started the work right away. Can you guess what Eddie Van Halen is planning? “The guitar is as important to the music as the songs themselves”, Van Halen Told Babciz, “I want to play this guitar again, people want to see it”. 

“Just another day at the office...NOT! Here I'm doing the final set-up on Eddie Van Halen's 5150 Steinberger guitar”, Poseted Babciz with an old photo on his Facebook page, “I restored this guitar for Eddie, which included a re-fret, TransTrem rebuild, new pickups and more. This is me just after I built Eddie Van Halen's "5150" guitar. Eddie famously played this guitar during Van Halen's "Live Without A Net" tour. around 1986-87”. 

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