Shivers Down Your Spine: The Musical Love Between Joni & Johnny

Image taken from 'The Johnny Cash Show' (ABC)

Almost 50 Years Ago, Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash Performed Songs Together on Cash's TV Show. Watch These Brilliant Performances Today and Notice the Musical Love Between the Two. It'll Open Your Heart

It’s beautiful moments like these that helps us remember how pure music is really is. In the late 1960’s, the world watched a few magical musical moments of Joni Mitchell and Johnny Cash

Exactly today (June &) - 47 years ago, the first episode of ‘The Johnny Cash Show’ was aired on ABC. Cash’s first guests on set were Mitchell and Bob Dylan. Mitchell went back on the show a few weeks afterwards, and those encounters gave us some magnificent performances. 

On the show, the two performed ‘The Long Black Veil’, ‘I Still Miss Someone’ and, ‘Girl of the North Country’. Watch these brilliant performances today and notice the musical love between the two. It’ll open your heart.