Happy 420: Kickback, Relax And Play Chords

Celebrate this very special day with some very special songs

Happy 420 everyone! Throughout music history, many songs were written about mankind’s favorite recreational activity. Let’s play along with some of those tunes:

Tom PettyYou Don’t Know How It Feels

“You Don’t Know How It Feels” was the lead single from Tom Petty‘s 1994 album “Wildflowers”. MTV and many radio stations aired a censored version of the song, taking the word “roll” out of the line “let’s roll another joint”. Although a version replacing the word “roll” with “hit” was also made (which changed the meaning of the line from smoking marijuana to visiting bars).

Sublime With RomeSmoke Two Joints

“Smoke Two Joints” was originally written by 80’s reggae band The Toyes. American punk-ska band Sublime covered it on their first album “40oz. to Freedom” in 1992, and it was one of their first songs ever to be played on the radio. Four years ago, Rome Ramirez of Sublime’s newer incarnation Sublime With Rome has released an acoustic version of the song to celebrate 420.

Play along with the acoustic version of "Smoke Two Joints"

Play along with the acoustic version of “Smoke Two Joints”

AfromanBecause I Got High

American rapper Afroman wrote his biggest hit in only a few minutes. “Because I Got High” got extremely popular in the previous decade after it was circulated around the internet and was featured on a radio show. The song describes how the use of cannabis is ruining the singer’s life. A new positive version of the song was released in 2014, explaining about the advantages of the legalization of marijuana.

Play along with "Because I Got High"

Play along with “Because I Got High”