‘Come Together’ by Robin Williams Will Make You Laugh & Cry at the Same Time

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Was He Alive Today, Williams Would Have Celebrated His 64th Birthday This Week. Play His Wonderful Version for ‘Come Together’ with the Chords & Lyrics in Sync. Happy Birthday Robin

Almost one year has gone by since the crazy talented Robin Williams has passed and left millions around the world in tears. Was he alive today, Williams would have celebrated his 64th birthday this week.

- Come Together

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For many of us, any day is a day to remember on the incredible and unique works of this man, and doing it on his birthday is even more emotional. Williams was not only an amazing actor and comedian, but also a great singer.

In 1998 non other than George Martin produced a new Beatles compilation called ‘In My Life’, and all songs were performed by lovable actors and musicians. The first performance on the album belongs to Williams. Together with Bobby McFerrin, he beautifully sang 'Come Together', Taking the song to new and exciting places. You can now play it with the Chords & Lyrics in perfect sync. Happy Birthday Robin, we miss you.