Amazing: This Guitarist Plays All the 31 Orchestral Parts of the 'Star Wars' Theme

The Talented Guitarist Cooper Carter Created a Crazy Version of the Stars Wars Theme. 45 Tracks, 31 Orchestra Parts, 12 Shirts, 9 Guitars. Watch

The new Star Wars Film, ‘The Force Awakens’, opens December 18. Meanwhile, the empire is trending like crazy online, and this creation is fantastic. 

The talented guitarist, Cooper Carter, created a crazy version of the famous Stars Wars theme. In the video, he plays 45 tracks and 31 orchestral parts using only his electric guitars. He also wears 12 different ‘Star Wars’ tees. Pretty cool, huh? 

“it’s a One giant tribute to John Williams and the greatest saga of all time”, Carter wrote on his Facebook page, “May the Force Be With You”. Don’t miss this.