This Amazing New 6-String Made by a 3D Printer Will Change the Way You Look at Guitars

Finally: A 100% Professional and Beautiful Guitar Was Made by a 3D Printer. Is This the Future for Guitarists Everywhere?

For a few years now, several companies and professionals have been printing 3D guitars for musicians to use, but this new one made made using SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) or SLA (Stereolithography) 3D printers is one step beyond. 

Watch the video and get ready to be amazed.

The guitar, reassembles a Fender Telecaster by it's shape, was made by 3D Printing solutions in Australia. According to, "the company's CEO, Michael Tyson, wanted to really push the limits of the new line of advanced filaments from Polymaker and prove to his customers how versatile FDM 3D printing is becoming. Using Polymaker’s super strong PolyMax filament he was able to design, print and fabricate the body of this amazing, fully functional 3D printed electric guitar. The completed PolyMax guitar is a hybrid instrument that is made up of the 3D printed body combined with a real maple wood neck and a mahogany block mounted inside of the body".

Tyson himself added: “Typically, musical instruments produce prototypes using wood or metal, which is understandable but can be costly, time consuming, and leave room for error. 3D printing prototyping allows for greater control and the ability to quickly make minuscule or significant changes that are perfectly accurate. This process can eliminate countless hours of trial and error while reducing production costs and generating a quality model".