We Love Rock and Roll. Seriously

Photo by Gettyimages

“I’ll tell you what, I love Rock and Roll as much as the next guy, even f**ing more than next guy!”. Those were Dave Grohl’s exact words on stage this week, while the Foo Fighters were playing the Firefly Festival in Dover, Delaware. Right after those words, the rockers turned into a bar band, playing one cover classic after the other in front tens of thousands of people. A unique move from one of the biggest rock bands in the world. Grohl and the gang stormed into Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out”, Van Halen’s “Ain’t Talkin’ Bout Love”, The Stones “Miss You”, and Queen’s and David Bowie’s “Under Pressure”.


Play "Resolve" by the Foo Fighters with the Chords & Lyrics in perfect sync

Ever since he became a major voice in the Foo Fighters (and not necessarily behind the drums in “Nirvana”), Grohl kept on telling the world how big of a rockhead he is. That deep inside he still is the little kid from Virginia, listening to “Led Zeppelin” records in his room, recording his songs on a double cassette player, Dreaming that one day he will be as big as the stars blasting from his tiny speakers.

Without a doubt, it is incredible watching the biggest musicians in the world remembering their first paths as young music lovers, taking it upon themselves to forward the lyrics and chords to the next generation and not only to their own. Fame, success, money, that’s all great. But even when you are on top of the world, it seems that the virgin joy of rocking out and playing a song you love is larger than life. in front of 100,000 people in one of the biggest venues in the world, or in front of 5 people at the local bar, right outside your house –  Rock is Rock.

This joyful feeling is one of the best features on YouTab. whether if you are worldwide household name or picking the guitar for the first time in your life – Playing the songs you love has never been more comfortable. Getting the chords and lyrics, the beat and the sound-wave on the spot, watching the dynamics, combining the computer and tablets with a genuine playing feel.

Obviously, you can write, edit, create and work hard on your songs, and that’s very important. But sometimes all we need is getting the Led out. Grohl is great, but a bit wrong. There are a lot more players that love rock and roll as much as the next guy, even f***ing more than than the next guy.