Watch Heidi Klum’s Bedroom Scene In Sia’s New Video

Australian singer Sia has produced some unique and artistic music videos for her latest album “1000 Forms of Fear”, including the video for the song “Elastic Heart” which was criticized for displaying pedophilia. While the first three videos featured child dancer Maddie Ziegler, the new video for “Fire Meet Gasoline” takes a whole different direction.

While wondering what Sia will come up with for her next video, you can play along with “Fire Meet Gasoline” with the chords and lyrics in sync:

- Fire Meet Gasoline

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The new video features supermodel Heidi Klum and actor Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones) in a very dramatic relationship, which includes love scenes outdoors and between the sheets and ends with Klum lighting their house on fire. Sounds pretty bizzare, but definitely not surprising considering Sia’s music video repertoire.