Fantastic: This Amazing Guitarist Created a Metal Song Using Only One Fret

Guitarist Rob Scallon Really Made this Tune Sounds Genuine and Great, Without Even Moving His Fingers. Don't Miss This

The name is Rob Scallon. If you are no stranger to guitar talents on social media, you’ve probably seen him before. While playing extremely well, Scallon uses his guitar to come up with new ideas you don’t see everyday. 

Why is this impressive? Metal guitarists of all sub genres will usually go crazy around the frets. Either a riff or a solo - It’s that metal look that gets you to go all over the guitar, back and forth. In this case, Scallon really made the tune sounds genuine and great, without even moving his fingers. 

On YouTube, Scallon wrote the tuning is “Low to high: D-G-A#-D-A-D. I was thinking about tabbing this out. But only fret used is 4, and the video would probably be a better way to tell where the bends go anyway”. Don’t miss this.