Record Mania: Tesco UK Will Be the First UK Supermarket to Reintroduce Vinyl

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People of Britain: Now You Get Your Groceries and Also Pick up Your Favourite Records

CD's are the past - Vinyl's are the future. As the world change and most music that's played by people is digital, Vinyl Record sales just keep growing bigger. Nothing  like in the Vinyl's golden age, but considering our time  - this is great. People are still buying music on a hard copy for their homes, to play and show it on display. And they keep wanting more.

Iron Maiden's New album. Now in Supermarkets

Iron Maiden's New album. Now in Supermarkets

According to NME,  In January, vinyl sales in the UK topped 1.3 million for the first time since 1995. Crazy, huh? Now, people in Britain will also get their favourite music on vinyl in supermarkets. Tesco will be the first supermarket selling vinyl's and will attempt to revive the sales even more.  Starting tomorrow (September 4th), First record in stores will be Iron Maiden's new album, 'The Book Of Souls' and will be up for sale in the largest 55 Tesco stores across the country.

In an official press statement, the Company's music buyer Michael Mulligan stated:  “In the last year we began selling record decks in our largest stores and initial sales are very encouraging so giving our customers some new vinyl to play on those decks seems like the logical next step. And there can be no better way to launch this trial than working with one of rock music’s most iconic bands and their eagerly anticipated new album. We are anticipating demand for The Book Of Souls to be high as Iron Maiden’s last album was the band’s most successful to date, reaching number one in 28 countries including the UK. If this trial is a success then we would consider selling more vinyl albums before the end of the year".