Dave Matthews, Leader of a Live Generation: “It’s Always Hard to Leave Home”

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“My Kids Are Getting Older and Smarter than Me, so I Toss and Turn at Night and Need Lots of Coffee”, Says Dave Matthews. Celebrate Another Tour and Play the Lovely Mercy Video with the Lyrics & Chords in Sync

“Leader of his Generation’s Biggest Live Act” – Such an accurate definition of the Singer-Songwriter Dave Matthews this week in Rolling Stone Magazine.

After almost 25 years together, the Dave Matthews Band is stronger than ever. Leading man Matthews and his crew of incredible fusion like rock musicians will soon be on the road once again doing what they do best – playing the biggest concerts in front of the biggest crowds. The Dave Matthews band will hit Atlanta on May 30th and will continue to tour the US till September. Coming October they will land in Abu Dhabi, and so on to Europe until mid November. Crazy, huh?

Dave Matthews. Photo by Gettyimages

Dave Matthews. Photo by Gettyimages

There’s no doubt: The live Dave Matthews experience is a must for millions of music lovers, and if you ever get the chance – don’t miss it. To celebrate another huge tour of the gang, here is the lovely ‘Mercy’ video for you to play with Lyrics & Chords in perfect sync.

“It’s always hard to leave home”, Matthews recently stated to Rolling Stone Magazine regarding going away on tour so often, “My kids are getting older and smarter than me, so I toss and turn at night and need lots of coffee. It was much easier to get used to being on the road when we were always on the road. For a while there, I said, ‘Wait a second, I am making a reasonable living, I wouldn’t mind a weekend of idle.’ Now I couldn’t be more idle. I’m like the idlest part of a lazy fat man in a chair”.