Dave Mustaine Reveles His Favorite Metallica Song

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With the Release of the New Megadeth Album, Dave Mustaine Surprises the Fans and Picks His Favorite Metallica Song. Can You Guess Which One?

For many years, the members of ‘Metallica’ and Megadeth’s frontman Dave Mustaine we’re angry at each other. When Mustaine was fired from Metallica before the band became famous, lots of emotional issues were kept, even when Mustaine went on and founded Megadeth, making it one of the biggest metal acts in the world. 

But after all this time the two sides finally reconciled. First it happened while filming Metallica’s ‘Some Kind Of Monster’ movie, where a meeting between Mustaine and Lars Ulrich took place, brining Ulrich to tears. 

But the major comeback was the collaboration at ‘The Big 4’ tour, where Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax took stages together around the US and Europe, playing music and hugging backstage. 

Tomorrow (Jan 22), ‘Megadeth’ will release it’s new album, ‘Dystopia’. In a recent interview for the LA Weekly, Mustaine was asked about his favorite Metallica song he is credited for, as he co-wrote four songs on Metallica’s first album, ‘Kill ’Em All’.  

- À Tout Le Monde (Set Me Free)

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“My favorite? Hmmm. Interesting. Good question. You know, I like ‘Phantom Lord’ and ‘Metal Militia’ because they are very interesting songs”, said Mustaine, “But I think if you were going to go for my favorite Metallica song that I wrote it would probably have to be ‘Call of Ktulu’. It stands on itself. And when you have a song that can stand on itself without words that’s a big statement”.

The song, also co-written by Mustaine, was featured on Metallica’s second album, ‘Ride the Lightning’. It is an instrumental piece very loved by Metallica fans, especially for the late Cliff Burton’s significant bass parts.