Awkward and Topless: Motley Crue's Weirdest Interview

'From All the Place We've Been to, We Like Sweden the Most. I Think They Ship Ugly Girls There to Norway, If You Walk Down the Street, It's Nothing but Beautiful Blonds, Barefoot, and It's All Beaches and Topless Beaches and Beaches', Said Tommy Lee and Vince Neil to Topless Wendy O. Williams

When you look back, it’s pretty crazy how the boys from ‘Motley Crue’ survived the 80’s. Drinking, doing drugs, partying non-stop for years, and still go up on stage every night, rocking their hearts out in front of million of fans, and recoding fantastic albums. 

During 1985, Tommy Lee and Vince Neil sat down for an interview which will forever be remembered as one of the band’s most weird performances. ‘The bad boys of rock’ (During the interview also they referred to themselves that way), talked about their lives in the band, probably under heavy influence. 

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And that’s not all, the women doing the interview was non other than the mighty Wendy O. Williams, the provocative New York musician, lead singer of the punk rock band, ‘Plasmatics’. She was the right person to take on 'Motley Crue' and was not intimated by their bad boys persona. She also, for some reason, decided to take her shirt off and conducted the interview only in her bra. Williams took her own life in April 6, 1998.