The Metal World Is Changing: 'BABYMETAL' Wins Best Live Act

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The Japanese Phenomenon Won the the Award for 'Best Live Band' at the KERRANG! Awards Held in London

It’s been a hell of a year for the girls from ‘BABYMETAL’, and now the award has come. The Japanese phenomenon won the the award for ‘Best Live Band’ at the KERRANG! awards held in London. 

This is a great achievement for ‘BABYMETAL’ as other winners in the evening included: Iron Maiden (Legend Award) and Blink-182 (Icon Award). 

- Gimme Choco!!

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After releasing their second album, ‘Metal Resistance’, the band is touring the world these days, playing ‘Download’ festival in England, before heading to the United States next month. The tour will end in September at the Tokyo Dome. Considering the great reviews from their tour, it’s not a surprise the young band won the award, as they continue to be to deliver a static performance on stage.