Play Along: The Misfits Are Digging Up Her Bones

Legendary horror punk band the Misfits had seen countless member changes during its several decades of existence, but there is no doubt that the classic line-up that featured Danzig, Doyle and Jerry Only is the fans’ all-time favorite.

Play along with the Misfits' "Dig Up Her Bones"

Play along with the Misfits’ “Dig Up Her Bones”

1995 finally saw the band end their 12-year silence. While original frontman Glenn Danzig refused to take part in the reunion, 19-year-old Michale Graves successfully auditioned for the vacant singer spot. Graves sang on two Misfits albums – “American Psycho” and “Famous Monsters” – before quitting the band together with drummer Dr. Chud in 2000, leaving the vocal duties to bassist Jerry Only.

Dig Up Her Bones” was the main single from the 1997 album “American Psycho”. Click the image above to play and sing along with the chords and lyrics!