Happy Bday Ringo: A Celebration of the Beatles’ Music Like Never Before

Photo by Gettyimages

Sure, Ringo Starr Changed the World, but Most Importantly, He Was and Always Will Be One of the Nicest, Most Peaceful Guys in the Music World. Happy Birthday Ringo, Thank You for Everything

Everybody knows: Ringo Starr changed the world. Not only creating a cultural revolution with his other band mates (a one that will last forever), but his also an inspirational musician that took modern rock drumming to the next level, practically inventing it.

On top of it all, and most importantly, Ringo Starr was and always will be one of the nicest, most peaceful guys in the world of music. It’s not an easy task being that successful and famous and yet spreading constant joy, but Hey – That’s Ringo. Today, July 7, endless amount of fans are saying Happy Birthday Ringo as the man blows out 75 candles. Happy Birthday Sir, Thank you for everything.