A Great Moment in Time: Toto’s Everlasting ‘Africa’

33 Years After the Song Was First Released, It Stills Touches our Hearts Every Single Day. Play It with the Accurate Chords & Lyrics in Perfect Sync

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 33 years since ‘Africa‘ by ‘Toto‘ was released into this world, especially because after all these years, it still plays all the time – and everywhere.

The song was written by David Paich and late drummer Jeff Porcaro, and for some of us, ‘Africa’ will always be the one we discovered after school on MTV and VH1 as it was playing non stop for years. But there are so many younger music fans that love the song, appreciating the writing and the wonderful musicianship you really don’t get to hear anymore on top hits.

- Africa

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It’s been a very hard year for the band and the fans since bassist Mike Porcaro died of ALS this past March. Porcaro, brother of Jeff and Steve (The band’s keyboardist), joined Toto in 1982 and played with the band until his retirement from touring in 2007 as a result of his illness.

But Porcaro’s and band’s music will live forever, and this week the band will start a fantastic tour around the USA, hitting dozens of cities from August 5th until September 12th. Get all the information and updates you need on the band’s official site. Catch them if you can.