Almost in Tears, David Bowie Sings 'Imagine' for His Friend, John Lennon. Watch

'The Last Time I Saw John was at the Market in Hong Kong', He Said to the Crowd, 'I Found a Beatles Jacket and Asked John to Put It on so I Could Take a Picture. I Still Got the Photograph. The Jacket Doesn't Fit Probably, It Looks Like John Had Outgrown Him'

On December 8th, 1983, the third anniversary of John Lennon’s murder, his friend David Bowie stood in front of a crowd in Hong Kong and sang ‘Imagine’. Emotional, and almost in tears, he recalled a few of his sweet memories from the time Lennon and him spent together. Lennon and Bowie co-wrote Bowie’s hit, ‘Fame’, together with Carlos Alomar. 

On stage, bowie said: I asked John one day: “How do you write your songs?”, He said: “It’s easy, you just say what you mean and put a backbeat to it”. I said: “What do you think that i’ve done in Rock and Roll?”, he said: “It’s great, but it’s just Rock and Roll with lipstick on”. 

Bowie told the audience about the last time he saw Lennon, at the market in Hong Kong. He found a Beatles jacket and asked Lennon to put it on so he could laugh and take a picture. “I still got the photograph”, he said, “The jacket doesn’t fit probably, it looks like John had outgrown him”.