'Metallica' Fans Are Upset With Justin Bieber Wearing the Band's T Shirt on The Ellen Degeneres Show

Image Taken from The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Is It Really Upsetting? Or Maybe Bieber Is Actually Contributing to the Metal World by Putting Metallica out There for His Fans? You'll Be the Judge

When Justin Bieber decided to wear a Metallica tee this week on ‘The Ellen Show’, he might have known that some fans of the band will find that upsetting, but he did it anyway. The singer went on the show for an interview an a live performance, and the metal fans immediately reacted in anger on social medias. 

On Rockfeed.net, a fan wrote: “it really pissed me off to see him wearing a Metallica shirt. To see our culture becoming commercialized, so to speak. I have amassed a collection of band merch over the years that makes it almost unnecessary to even look at the shirt I'm wearing, because I know I love what it represent”.  

Another fan wrote on Twitter: ‘Justin Bieber wearing a Metallica T Shirt? That’s just wrong”, as many other fans as well. 

- Whiskey In The Jar

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So you’ll be the judge, Is it really upsetting? Or maybe Bieber is actually contributing to the metal world by putting Metallica out there for his fans?