Garbage Releases New Music Video

But It Seems That They Are Not Quite Releasing The Nineties

Last June Garbage released their sixth studio album titled Strange Little Birds, having No Horses as the first music video the band has released in quite a while. Judging from this first peek, it seems like Garbage is refusing to let go of the nineties both musically and artistically. The overly used visual motives and riots footage, out of date video editing choices and obvious cheap references to The Handmaid's Tale  doesn't leave you with nothing but a deep feeling that Garbage might be running low on creativity, Ideas and message.

If the video you've just watch doesn't take you on a journey back in time, or to "Been there" land, the song itself is one clich√© after another, and if THAT is not enough, Shirley Manson lead singer, is repeating each and every phrase several times to make you think there is a big and distressing message. But truth is, Manson doesn't really say anything, nonetheless new.

Where is that kicking and biting band we used to know called Garbage? it seems like all is left is a pale shade of Garbage signature sound, and recycled old videos of the band. It makes you wonder, haven't they turned on a radio lately, or watched a few videos to see what are the current visual elements and trends? The least worst answer would be that they haven't because if they did, and after that gladly released this video, it might be time to leave us with 90's Garbage we all adored, and sign off.

See for yourself: