Must Watch: This Amazing 10 Year Old Kid Is the New Guitar Hero

Meet Toby Lee, a 10 Year Blues Musician From the UK That First Picked up the Guitar at Age of 6. Watch Him Go, This Is Jaw Dropping

Its Almost everyday that we encounter a young music prodigy online. There’s no doubt: YouTube and other social platforms are full with kids that play musical instruments in a remarkable way. But this one? This one’s rare. Meet Toby Lee, a 10 year musician from the United Kingdom that first picked up the guitar at age of 6. Recently, Lee played a famous Blues Club in Memphis. Watch him go, This is jaw dropping. 

The main difference about about Lee and any other very young guitarists is his incredible feel on the instrument. There’s truly lots of soul in his playing, similar to an adult that not only knows how to play the guitar but also went through ups and downs in his life, putting it into his playing. Crazy, huh? This unique style of playing really makes him into an International phenomenon.

 According to his Facebook page, “Toby is a 10-year-old guitarist from the UK. He first picked up a guitar when he was 3-years-old - a small ukulele which was a gift from his grandma. Since then it's rare to see him without a guitar in his hands. He attends Crackley Hall School in Kenilworth and also the Witchwood School of Rock in Oxfordshire. His tone and feeling is quite amazing for someone so young”. You can watch more of his amazing videos on his YouTube channel.