11+ Things Every Guitarist Can Relate To

It Doesn't Matter Whether You Are a Pro or Not, You Would Definitely Relate to These Moments

Musicians Be Like 

1. When I drop my pick.
Man... It's here somewhere
2.  When I tune my guitar without a tuner and the rest of the band be like
3.  When I bought my first guitar

When I bought my second guitar

... When I bought my fifth guitar

4. Me in music stores when I was a kid

Me in music stores as a grown up 

...And What I feel like doing to every kid in the store

5.  When I say I'm a musician
...And then I say I don't play in a band

6. How do you know you're in the wrong band? When it feels like this 

... And the crowd is like this

7. When guitarists think they are cool

8. Keyboard players after a gig

9.  When it's the part in the song for your epic solo

10. Being a rock star in the 90's

Being a rock star today

11. When you are sure your band is cool, but you just need to practice more