They Are the One: BABYMETAL Are Winning Big

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With a New Album Debuting in the UK and US Charts, a World Tour and Millions of Hits on YouTube, BABYMETAL Are on Their Way to World Domination

It’s been almost a month since ‘BABYMETAL’ released their second album, ‘Metal Resistance’, and the Japanese band is blowing up. The album debuted at No. 15 on the Official Albums Chart in Britain and at 39th place on the U.S. Billboard 200 charts, officially making the band a worldwide name. This is a major achievement for a Japanese artist. 

These days, the girls and the band are in the midst of a world tour, after a fantastic performance at the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Coming May, the girls will hit New York, Boston, Philadelphia and several other venues around the US. They will then go to Europe, Back to the US and will come back home to a grand finale at the Tokyo Dome. 

The new album includes 12 songs, and two videos were already released on YouTube, ’Karate’ and ‘The One’, both hitting millions of views, exposing the band to a greater worldwide audience. 

“I believe the music in our latest album is very new as it includes various musical genres we have encountered on tour and at festivals, while also exhibiting our signature style”, Said band member YUIMETAL to ‘The Japan News’. 

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“Our debut album was meant to make us known”, added MOAMETAL, “The new album is meant to make people like our music more. It’s the fruit of our growth and adventures over the past two years.”