This Is Why Paul McCartney Is a Genius

Too Cute: In a Brilliant Process, Together With 'Skype', McCartney Created Animated Loved Themed 'Mojis' for Valentine's Day Featuring New Music. McCartney Also Plays All the Instruments

At 73 and on top of the world for that past 50 years, Paul McCartney went into the studio to recored himself sing, play guitars, piano and and drums. This time it’s not a new recored, but a step into the tech world. In a brilliant process, together with ’Skype’, McCartney created animated loved themed Mojis for Valentine’s Day featuring exclusive new McCartney music coupled with Skype’s animated design. Watch the video and prepare to be amazed. 

Written of McCartney’s official website: “Paul McCartney’s career is unparalleled. His music has reached hundreds of millions of people globally, spanning generations. Be it through live performances, composing pop songs, classical works, electronic music, film themes and scores, and most recently composing for the most anticipated video game of the last decade – 'Destiny', Paul has continued to explore new ways to reach people. Paul’s music brings people together and breaks down language and cultural barriers. 

Mojis are short animated clips that you can use during Skype chats when words just aren’t enough. These Mojis will be completely unique to hundreds of millions of Skype users and feature sound as well as video, giving the users chat a whole new dimension. This collaboration will allow Skype users to use this medium to convey love through music in a new and original way.”

- Maybe I'm Amazed

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