So Sweet: And Then Chris Cornell Sang With His 11 Year Old Daughter on Stage

Thousands of Chris Cornell Fans We're Surprised and Touched on Monday When the Singer Invited His 11 Year Old Daughter Toni to Sing With Him

Thousands of Chris Cornell fans we’re surprised and touched on Monday when the singer invited his 11 year old daughter Toni to sing with him on stage. The two performed the Bob Marley classic, ‘Redemption Song’, leaving the audience in chills, and now you will be too. 

A few years back, my daughter wanted to do a song at school”, Cornell said on stage before the Father-Daughter moment, “She said it’s called the Music for Lunch Bunch and she makes it sound like she sits in front of her classmates and they do a song every once in a while. So I went and got a guitar tuned for her in the right key and we went to see her do it and it was actually like an assembly in front of the entire school. As nervous as I’ve ever been, for example like opening for ‘Metallica in front of 45,000 people. I was more nervous that day, but she sang it beautifully. So tonight she came up after school, so I convinced her to come up and sing this song with me.” 

- Redemption Song

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The crowd went crazy, and you can clearly hear the “Awwwwww’s” everywhere in New York’s famous Beacon Theater. Don’t miss this.