For All the Love in the World: Happy Birthday Trent Reznor

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There’s not enough space on this page to describe Trent Reznor’s contribution to modern music. If its performing as the brains and frontman of Nine Inch Nails, producing other top artists, writing incredible film scores (and winning an Oscar) and being a leading man in the tech world, such as in the ‘Beats’ corporation and phenomenon – Reznor has mastered it all.

- Hurt

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Today (May 17) Reznor celebrates his 50th Birthday. It’s amazing really how as time goes by, this man, also a proud family man today, inspires us to greater things. Now’s the time to say thanks and remembering on one of his greatest works. Click the play on the player above to play the emotional “Hurt” with the Lyrics & Chords in perfect sync. Happy Birthday Trent. Thank you for everything.