Happy Birthday Johnny Cash: Play & Sing Along with ‘One Piece At a Time’

Photo by Gettyimages

83 Years ago today (February 26th) – The man (then baby) in black was born. One day, he will become the coolest, most toughest musician alive, sharing his given talent with the world. It’s been 12 years since Cash has died, and it’s incredible how his songs from different era’s still sound beautiful today.

We at YouTab always prefer to celebrate life, than to mourn death. So in honor of Mr. Cash, today will be the best day to turn the volume all the way and to play & sing along with this one. Originally released in 1976, and written by Wayne Kemp.  “I got it one piece at a time’, Cash rightfully sings, “And it didn’t cost me a dime, You’ll know it’s me when I come through your town, I’m gonna ride around in style, I’m gonna drive everybody wild, ‘Cause I’ll have the only one there is around”. Happy Birthday Johnny.