Is This the Revolutionary Guitar for Traveling Musicians?

Photo by KLOS Guitars

All Traveling Musicians Knows the Trouble of Traveling With Your Equipment. Now, KLOS Guitars Presents a Lighter, Stronger, and Better Sounding Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar. Watch It in Action

Wood out - Carbon Fiber in? Is this the future for millions of traveling musicians? Look at the video and watch closely how this guitar works. 

“A new and improved KLOS Guitars design featuring a lighter, stronger, and better sounding carbon fiber travel guitar”, Writes the company, “The carbon fiber design gives it a sophisticated, modern look while delivering  acoustics.  We protected the body, the sound producing part of the guitar, by making it out of carbon fiber. We make the neck from mahogany wood, giving it a familiar feel and keeping it affordable. Carbon fiber is an infusion of the most durable fibers and the strongest resin. It is commonly seen in aerospace, automotive, and sporting goods engineering. 

Photo by KLOS Guitars

“Travel guitars are naturally more susceptible to be damaged, because naturally they travel”, Say the creators, “We protect the sound-producing body by making it out of carbon fiber, protecting it from dents and cracks as well as the elements like temperature and humidity. We make the neck out of high quality mahogany and rosewood so that the guitar has the familiar feel of a wooden guitar. You get your wooden feel, with the durability of carbon fiber.

“This guitar is multifunctional. It's perfect for travelers, ranging from college students, hikers, to business men. Children and beginners also will find the guitar incredibly comfortable to learn on because of its compact size. Moreover you don't compromise the quality of the sound by buying a slightly smaller than parlor size guitar (see our customer reviews and demos below). Just like beginners can become experts, and children become travelers with age, the KLOS guitar serves as a sturdy companion in each case.

“In May of 2015 we launched our 1st Kickstarter campaign. Our initial goal was to raise $15,000 but we quickly surpassed that and ended up raising nearly $34,000. Thanks to the 140 supporting Kickstarter backers, we were successfully funded and KLOS Guitars became a reality. We have taken your recommendations along with extensive research and design experimentation to come back with an even better guitar.”