Wanna be The Next Kendrick?

Before Creating Your Own Hip Hop Song Here Are Some Dos and Don'ts

1. LISTEN TO SONGS BY ESTABLISHED ARTISTS: When listen to famous Hip Hop melodies, focus on the way the words fit with the music like a glove. Likewise, the way that the stream of the artist's voice has a feeling of certainty and style that could be copied on the instrumental regardless of the possibility that every one of the verses were changed to other rhyming words.

2. REHEARSAL OF LYRICS BEFORE RECORDING:  In many cases, upcoming artiste read up their lyrics from a paper while an irregular beat plays. This leads to the artiste recording the song with no form of swag, certainty or vitality. The rapper ought to retain the verses so when recording, center can be put into being enthusiastic with a feeling of style. The audience will need to "sing" along in view of the expressing, flow, and voice tone notwithstanding when the audience does not know the verses.

3. REALNESS:  The upcoming hip hop artiste should compose songs that deal with circumstances and events that are experienced in the day to day life of an ordinary individual, all things considered, or that arrangement with circumstances that the normal individual might want to locate their self-required in. Rappers that simply compose songs about being a rapper and rapping will undoubtedly just interest to different rappers/Hip Hop Producers.

 4. NICE BEAT AND HOOK:  In Hip Hop music the beat is the establishment that will grab the audience attention. You need the beat/instrumental and a catchy hook to have components that audience members will end up murmuring when they don't understand it.

5. LISTEN TO YOUR SONG:  The upcoming Hip Hop artist ought to listen to their songs really taking shape from a perspective outside of being a rapper. Listen to the song carefully and attempt to decide whether you would really like the song if that it was not you.

Note: obviously recording your song at the best recording level at that point getting an extraordinary mix and mastering is the last step.

And now you can appreciate why Kendrick Lamar is sooooooo good: