Must Watch: These Kids Created a Remarkable Version of 'Duality' by 'Slipknot'

The Kids From the O'Keefe Music Foundation Released Another Surprising Music Video. This Time for 'Duality' by 'Slipknot'. They Recorded the Song Using Toys and Wooden Spoons, and Created an Awesome Video

They did it again: The wonderful kids from The O’Keefe Music Foundation just released another surprising music video. This time, they went all the way while playing ‘Duality’ by ‘Slipknot’. They not just covered a metal song, but they recored the song using toys and wooden spoons, and created an awesome video, a tribute to Slipknot’s original one. 

According to the OMF YouTube channel, “The kids recorded ‘Duality’ with a toy drum set, a toy glockenspiel, a kitchen pot played with a wooden spoon, a beer keg played with a pink metal baseball bat, two electric guitars and a bass guitar”.

Providing Music Education for children and youth, “The O’Keefe Music Foundation is a non profit corporation that enables children to record their musical performances for free״, The declare, “With your help, children are provided with top of the line instruments, professional recording equipment and a team of engineers who help to capture these aspiring musicians at their best”.

Together with Linda Bergholz, Trained musician, O’keefe, opened the Loveland Music Academy in 2007, which today holds a staff of 30 teachers and over 600 students. Taking part at the different education programs, the kids became online music stars as they created a fantastic cover for Tool‘s ‘46 and 2‘ and ‘Sober’. Now, it’s time for Slipknot.