Goodbye B.B: King Of Blues Dies

Photo by Gettyimages

B.B King, also known as ‘The King Of Blues”, has died. According to BBC News, The legendary musician stayed in Las Vegas and died in his sleep. He was 89 years old. King was recently hospitalized with diabetes related illness.

Goodbye Sir. Thank You For Everything (Photo by Gettyimages)

Goodbye Sir. Thank You For Everything (Photo by Gettyimages)

In a time like this, no words could describe this man’s work and capabilities. B.B King was everything to the blues world, and the blues world was everything to him. King was always here, leading the blues with endless of records and performances, influencing millions, fans and other artists as well.

Let’s celebrate the king’s life with his sweet music and incredible guitar skills. Play ‘Everyday I Have The Blues‘ with the Chords & Lyrics in sync. Pick up your guitar, Sing it out loud. We miss you B.B, Thank you for everything Sir.

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