Metal Bands Presents Scary pro Sanders, Anti Trump T-Shirts

Art by Coki Greenway/All Shall Perish

Metal Bands 'All Shall Perish' and 'Municipal Waste' Designed Extreme Political T-Shirts for the 2016 Election. This Is as Metal as It Gets

Screaming Politics: Not only major artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Juliette Lewis are supporting democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, but but also metal bands. Just like the extreme music that they play - they speak out loud and go all the way. 

As published on ’Salon’ magazine, metal band ‘All Shall Perish’ have designed an extreme T Shirt to support Sanders and you can buy it on their Facebook page for $20.

In the illustration, made by Coki Greenway, Sanders is seen driving a tank, running over a city and smoking a joint. underneath are other presidential candidates Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson and Hillary Clinton - all portrayed as zombies running for their lives from the mighty Sanders. ““Whether you support Bernie or just want to see any of these other politicians get crushed, support advancing the conversation”, said the band. 

Another heavy band taking a stand for the 2016 Election is ‘Municipal Waste’, designing even a scarier t shirt where Donald Trump is seen shooting himself in the head (Designed by Municipal Waste/JSR Direct). On the back it says: “The Only Walls We Build Are Walls Of Death”. According to the article, “The design is based on prominent anti-fascist art, which depicts Hitler shooting himself in the head with the words ‘Follow Your Leader’.