The Best Rockin' Gift for Xmas? KISS Presents a Gene Simmons Toy With Blood Spitting Action

Always Wanted Your Gene Simmons Action Figure to Spit Blood Like the Real Demon? Well, You're in Luck

Merry Christmas KISS Fans and Rock fans in general. We are sure lots of you have been waiting for this, some of you for decades.

With celebrating 40 years of KISS and as we are getting closer to Christmas, you can now buy a 12 inch Gene Simmons action figure that actually spits fake blood. Kiss fans always loved the toys, and this new cool one is available for pre-order and will hit all stores early December 2015.

- Shout It Out Loud (Live)

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The makers of the toy, stated: “Figures Toy Company and KISS proudly present an all new The Demon figure, with a twist: this one has BLOOD SPITTING ACTION!Danny ‘The Farrow’ Anniello has crafted another superb sculpt for this figure of the classic rocker, one that allows you to recreate the famous KISS concert footage of Gene rocking out on his bass while he spitting blood! Comes inside of resealable plastic clamshell packaging, also includes a mini Punisher bass guitar”.