Behold: Ryan Adams' Track By Track Cover Album for Taylor Swift's '1989'

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The Wait Is Over: Ryan Adams Just Released His Own Version of '1989', a Track by Track Cover Album for Taylor Swift's Latest Successful Record

Pop Fans,  The wait is over:  Ryan Adams just released his own version of '1989',  a track by track cover album for Taylor Swift's latest successful record. Some might think it's silly, others will think it's genius - Whatever you think, the album is trending like crazy and fans of both artists are more than happy. Here's Adams' version for 'Bad Blood'.

For the last couple of weeks, Adams has been teasing little bits and clues from the new tribute. Some magazines have describe Adams' adventure as "Music's most-anticipated covers album". You can now get it on iTunes and on other streaming services. Hard copies, CD's and vinyl, will be released soon. 

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As for Swift, she is very supportive and posting her own words about the album every day on her social media platforms. These days the singer keeps moving with her massive '1989' World Tour that will continue until the end of the year.  The title is 1989, but it seems like in 2015, everyday is a Taylor Swift day.