5 Instagram Guitar Profiles You Must Follow

Photo by Gettyimages

Are You a Guitar Fanatic and on Instagram? Make Sure Not to Miss These Great Profiles for All Your Guitar Needs

I Heart Guitar


With a hand on our heart (literally): ‘I Heart guitar’ is our favorite guitar blog online. It was created by guitar fanatic, musician and journalist, Peter Hodgson and is one of the best spots to get all your guitar needs. From daily product news to the deep guitar areas that are reserved to addicts. It’s no wonder the blog is called ‘I Heart Guitar’. Looking at this Instagram profile, you can really feel the love and devotion to the incredible guitar world. Whether if it’s a new guitar on the market, or just your daily love for the strings. It’s all there.

Gibson 90210

The Gibson empire holds lots of social pages online, and on different platforms, but we guarantee –  the 90210 page on Instagram will make your heart warm. Founded in 2003, Gibson’s HQ in Beverly Hills, California works as the artist relations showroom for the Greater LA music community. The guitars that come in and get snapped for this Instagram are the most jaw dropping beauties you’ll ever see from Gibson. Go check it out.

PRS Guitars

It’s been 30 years since guitarist and master luthier, Paul Reed Smith, founded his own great guitar company. PRS today stands as one of the top brands of boutique guitars, as incredible players like Carlos Santana, Dave Navarro and Alex Lifeson are among the company’s signature artists. On its Instagram profile, you’ll be able to discover the uniqueness of each guitar, and see just how beautiful they all are.

The images on the profile are well taken. You get a ‘behind the scenes’ look of the guitar’s being built and fresh new axes being released. Don’t miss out.

Norman’s Rare Guitars

Fancy a 1965 Fender Jazzmaster in custom color candy apple red with bound fingerboard and matching headstock? How about a 1966 Gibson SG custom with 3 patent number pickups and long maestro tremolo just like Hendrix used? It’s these kind of larger than life guitars that you can find in Norman’s Rare Guitars feed. The store, founded in 1973 and located in Tarzana California, is bringing the crown jewels of the guitar world through instagram everyday. The only thing you feel like saying while stumbling through the images is: ‘Shup Up And Take My Money’.

Seymour Duncan

Sure, every guitar fan knows ‘Seymour Duncan’ for their extraordinary guitar and bass pickups, but there is so much more coming from this wonderful company, and when you’ll hit ‘Follow’ on their Instagram profile – you’ll see. Everyday the company presents top & trendy guitars and products for their fans, Including some nostalgic moments from lives of famous guitarists. No Doubt: This is one of the best day-to-day places online for you guitar freaks.