Yield Anniversary: Pearl Jam's Magnificent 'Single Video Theory'

It's Not Often That We Are Lucky Enough to Receive a Visual Gift Like This From the Artists We Love the Most. Watch 'Single Video Theory' Today, It'll Go Straight Into Your Heart

The truth must be told: It’s pretty rare creating an added value to a masterpiece album, brining it even more to life. In most cases, listeners have only the songs (and some videos) to hold on too. But once in a while, another creation will perfectly complete the songwriting and the performance. That’s the exact case with Pearl Jam’s ‘Single Video Theory’, a short movie documenting the group's writing and rehearsing for their emotional album, ‘Yield’. 

‘Yield’ was released early February 1998, the band’s follow up to their record, ‘No Code’. It is a beautiful work of art and any word describing the songs and the band’s playing will be redundant. 

The documentary increases the record’s cosmic atmosphere. Directed by Mark Pellington, it shows the band playing the songs at the Warehouse studio in their hometown of Seattle. It is beautifully shot and directed, focusing on close ups with gentle back lighting, candles all around and beautiful carpets on the floor. 

The film also contains touchy interviews with the band members, talking honestly about the making of the record, looking back at the good and the bad times. If you seen it or not, today will be a good day to do so. It’s not often that we are lucky enough to receive such a gift from the artists we love the most.