Is Kelly Clarkson Ripping Off Jimmy Eat World?

Kelly Clarkson, Jim Adkins (Photos: Gettyimages)

Have you heard Kelly Clarkson‘s “Heartbeat Song“? American Idol’s first-ever winner will release her seventh album “Piece by Piece” next week. The first single from that album was out last month, and it’s hard not to notice the uncanny resemblance to American rock band Jimmy Eat World‘s successful single “The Middle“.

- Heartbeat Song

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Jimmy Eat World‘s breakthrough album “Bleed American” was released in 2001, with the song “The Middle” becoming a major hit in the US.

Play along with Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle"

Play along with Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle”

So – an intentional rip-off or a coincidental resemblance? You be the judge.