OMG: This Shredding Teenage Guitarist Will Blow Your Mind

Meet Tina S, the YouTube Guitar Star That Perfectly Plays Van Halen, Metallica, Steve Vai and Jason Becker. Watch This Young Talent in Action

She’s only 17 and have been shredding the guitar since a very young age. The name is Tina S. The french guitarist from Paris has been driving people online crazy with her guitar abilities. When she was 14, she already nailed Van Halen’s, ‘Eruption’ and Dream Theater’s, ‘The Best of Times’. 

The young artist did not only catch the eyes of guitar and metal fans but also guitar companies. Today, Tina S. is endorsed by ‘Vigier Guitars'

So how did it happen? ”I am part of a generation that has a huge advantage over past generations,” Tina S told The Huffington Post Australia Recently. 

"The tools of communication today allow people to publish their work, their passion, and be recognised by the whole world without moving from their chair. For me, the guitar is a game. This is what allows me to play every day with desire and pleasure, without turning this game into work."