MTV VMA’s 2017

The MTV Video Music Awards are to be held on August 27th 2017 in California. This year host is the pop star Katy Perry.

The major moment everyone will be expecting is the Kendrick Lamar official live performance and it is not to be missed!
The rapper is also nominated for not less than 8 times this year. He will be nominated against Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and Lorde for Artist of the Year, and they will be performing on stage also. Who would you like to win?

This year also marks the end of any gendered categories, so say good-bye to the “Best Female/Male Artist” category! All artists will be represented against each other to get the “Moonman” award – this year being the “Moonperson” award.

Ladies and Gentlemen, get ready for THE music event of the year!