A Metal Hero: Happy Birthday Phil Anselmo

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Because of This Man’s Passion, Music Fans We’re Given One of the Most Unique Heavy Voices to Ever Walk the Earth. Celebrate and Scream Together

On June 30, 1968, Philip Hansen Anselmo was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Growing up as a quiet child, Anselmo found an early interest in Heavy Metal music. Because of this passion, music fans we’re given one of the most unique heavy voices to ever walk the earth. A man that led a band that changed the Metal world forever. To celebrate, Here’s Pantera‘s ‘Planet Caravan‘ with the Chords & Lyrics in Perfect sync. Sing it, scream it out loud.

- Planet Caravan

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Besides Pantera, Anselmo leads ‘DOWN‘ and ‘Superjoint Ritual‘ as a remarkable frontman, but it’s his old band that made headlines these last days. Anselmo addressed a reunion possibility, in honor of Darell ‘Dimebag’ Abbott, his friend and Pantera‘s legendary axeman that was assassinated in 2004.

‘I’ll tell you what: I would do it in a fucking heartbeat. If everybody was on board, I would do it in a fucking heartbeat”, He recently said to ‘The Metal Den‘ website, “Because I think with the added truth that… it would be in honor of our fallen brother DimebagThat would motivate me to do it absolutely a hundred percent for no other reason other than you and the contingency of people… who want to see it. Or the whole generation or two that missed out on it. I get all of that. I get all sides of it. So count me in, Jack!”

So would we get to see a ‘Pantera’ reunion soon? yes or no, we can also trust Anselmo to be keeping busy and supplying us with genuine heavy music, straight to the heart. Happy Birthday Phil, Thank you for everything.