Before Dave Grohl: Eddie Vedder Did a Heartwarming Version for The Beatles' 'Blackbird'

With Grohl's Performance, the Wonderful Beatles Song Came Back and Made Headlines. Fans Have Been Going Through Other Cover Versions of This Immortal Song, One of Them Was Eddie Vedder's

Last week, rock fans around the world were loving Dave Grohl’s performance at the Academy Awards in Los Angeles. The Foo Fighters frontman played The Beatles’ classic, ‘Blackbird’, in honour of actors and others from the film industry that passed in 2015. The performance came in perfect time, days before the Foo Fighters announced an indefinite hiatus, and released a funny video online, mocking the rummers about the band breaking up. 

With Grohl’s performance, the wonderful and touching Paul McCartney song came back and made headlines. Fans have been going through other cover versions of this immortal song, one of them was Eddie Vedder’s. 

During his solo tour some years ago, The Pearl Jam frontman created a fantastic version of ‘Blackbird’, not only presenting it in his voice and style, but also messing around with he melodies and lyrics. Watch this today, maybe close the lights around, you will not regret.