Apparently Playing Guitar Will Make Your Fingers Smell. Here’s How to Avoid It

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Want to Shred the Guitar? Keep in Mind Your Fingers Can Smell Real Bad While Practicing. Here’s How You’ll Take Care of It

Did you know? Practicing your guitar can make your fingers smell real bad. Apparently this is a known fact for lots of musicians, but lately, several of media outlets have been bringing this burden to the public, explaining why this is happening and how guitar players can try to prevent it.

According to, “Playing guitar is a workout for your fingers. Workouts usually mean sweat, and sweat buildup means odor. As you play, sweat gets caught on your guitar’s strings and the fret board; and it can be especially bad when you play in a warmer environment”.

The best way to prevent the bad smell coming from your fingers will obviously be keeping your environment clean. Lifehacker quoted that spoke with Richard Robinson, an instrument repairman for 40 years at The House of Guitars in New York. Here’s what he suggests: “Wash your hands before you touch your guitar, Wipe the strings down with a cloth or old t-shirt before and after playing, Clean the fret board and strings with specialty cleaning products”.

And what about you? how would you keep your guitar playing clean and without bad smells? Write a comment, tell us about it.