Perfume: The Biggest Act from Japan You Must Know

Photo by Gettyimages

It's Rare for an Artist to Work so Many Years, and Breaking More Walls After All That Time. And Justifiably So. The Three Girls from 'Perfume' Work Very Hard. Going All the Way to the Top, Making It as Japan's No.1 Pop Group

Major as they may be in Japan, it’s rare seeing music coming in from Asia into the American and European charts. But if you are a devoted pop fan, and follow up your regular music news - you must know about this group, as it changing Japan’s modern music. 

Meet ‘Perfume’. Although the group has been around for the past 15 years, only these last couple of years they have reached worldwide audience. And seems like 2016 will be the biggest of them all. It’s rare for an artist to work for so many years, and then breaking through walls after all that time, and justifiably so. the three girls from ‘Perfume’ work very hard. Going all the way to the top, making it as Japan’s No.1 Pop group. 

The group consist Ayano Ōmoto (Nocchi), Yuka Kashino (Kashiyuka), and Ayaka Nishiwaki (A~chan). They are from Hiroshima Prefecture, and were formed inside a talent agency called ‘Actors School Hiroshima’. The have released four albums (No. 5 coming soon), dozens of singles and sold 3 million records in total. 1.5 million in Japan only. ‘Perfume’ are considered as a J-pop group, but their songs include lots of musical influences. Tons of synth, electro and a bit of techno can be heard in the the music, all very well produced and precise. Making everything more interesting to the electronic fans out there. 

Three years ago, ‘Perfume’ began their international breakthrough, playing concerts in Germany, France, UK and later the United States, where they also played the famous SXSW festival last year. Celebrating 15 years in the making, the group released their documentary film, ‘We Are Perfume’, where the girls are documented on their third world tour. 

Keeping the American crowd alive, ‘Perfume’ have tighten their connections with major US artists and made a cameo in OK Go’s beautiful video for ‘I Won’t Let You Down’. The boys from ‘OK Go’ we’e seen in Perfume’s video too for ’Pick Me Up’. Last week, it was announced that both bands are about to work together again and will create  the theme song for the Japanese anime series, ‘Sushi Police’. 

15 years on stage and looks like 2016 will be a major year for ‘Perfume’. A new album will be out this spring and a nationwide arena tour with it. If the group’s songs are not included in your playlist, now will be a good time to take a breather from American mainstream pop, and refresh your ears. Listen to how it’s done.