24 Years Later, ‘Ten’ by Pearl Jam Is Still Larger than Life

Looking Back, It’s Overwhelming How Much Raw Energy the Album Holds. Every Song Bursts with with Emotions. Play ‘Alive’ with the Accurate Chords & Lyrics in Perfect Sync

On August 27th, members of ‘Pearl Jam‘ and millions of their fans around the world will mark the 24th anniversary for ‘Ten’. The bands debut album that not only changed the rock stream at the 90’s (and forever), but also people’s personal lives. Looking back, It’s overwhelming how much raw energy the album holds. It is so powerful that it would be redundant analyzing each one of the songs, since all of them are bursting with emotions. It is a heavy crazy roller coaster. Top to bottom.

- Alive

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Pearl Jam‘ was founded by Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament. The two Seattle young musicians that we’re on their way to glory with their band, ‘Mother Love Bone‘. On March, 1990, Mother Love Bone’s singer, Andy Wood, died from a heroin overdose. He was 24 years old. Gossard and Ament not only lost their band, but also their best friend.

Luckily for everybody, they remained determined. Together with Wood’s best friend and roommate, Chris Cornell from ‘Soundgarden‘, they recorded the ‘Temple Of The Dog‘ project, an incredible album full of songs dedicated to Wood. The second singer in the album was Mr. Eddie Vedder, a new friend from California. Not long after, ‘Pearl Jam’ was released into the world, and 24 years later, They are still at the top of their game, making dreams come true.

It’s a funny thing. For the devoted fans, it’s not easy to play ‘Ten’ all the time. They’ve heard it all a million times. But go ahead, do it today. Press play and let the first sounds of the opening track, ‘Once’, get a hold of you. Let it go deep into your system. Your day, month, week or entire life will change.