Gene Simmons to Celebrities: Shut up and Stop Telling People How to Vote

Photo by Gettyimages

'It's a Quiet, Personal Decision', Said the Kiss Man, 'Celebrities Are Our Entertainers. That's All They Are'

While the presidential elections are heating up, and soon we will know who will be the two leading candidates for the White House - Politics is everywhere. And music plays a major role in it. 

Mr. Gene Simmons was never afraid to speak his mind, and today he thinks it is a mistake for artists and celebrities to publicly take sides and get their fans to join them. 

In an interview for ‘News Leader’, the Kiss man was forward saying: “Celebrities should shut up and stop telling people how to vote because it's decidedly immoral, At least part of those fans are going to vote because of what the celebrity says. 

“That takes away from the real reason, you should be voting your conscience, at the ballot, by yourself. It's a quiet, personal decision, Celebrities are our entertainers. That’s all they are.”