More Than Words: The Song That Will Last Forever

Image taken from the "More Than Words" video

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 25 years since “More Than Words” by the great Extreme was released. I remember it perfectly, watching the black & white video for the first time, being amazed by the crazy amount of talent Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt hold. How they perfected the vocal harmonies similar to one of their greatest inspirations, Queen. Many before have tried to explain what is it about that song that makes it immortal. Well, It’s a lot of elements that turn into one. The lyrics & the music, the guitar playing and vocals plus the fact that it was a slow ballad taken from the band’s heavy crazy riffed album – ” Extreme II: Pornograffitti”.

Play ‘More Than Words’ with the chords & lyrics in perfect sync:

- More Than Words

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In August “Pornograffitti” will celebrate 25 years. For some of us, it’s these kind of marks that make us feel old. But not Extreme. Any song on that album is still very relevant. And More Than Words? Go ahead, search it online. You would see that everyday another kid discovers that song for the first time.