The Year of the Rollins

Photo by Gettyimages

For You Punk Rockers out There, or Anybody That Builds Great Things out of Anger and Curiosity, the Ever-Busy Henry Rollins Can Inspire You This Year. Make Some Good New Years Resolutions Everybody. Merry Christmas

Ever since his first gig with ‘Black Flag’ back in the 80’s, Henry Rollins was always considered one of the most hard working guys in the biz. Staying true to his punk attitude, the rocker-actor-writer-radio-host-spoken-word-artist created endless projects and took on many adventures.

Now, right before 2016, It seems like Rollins is busier than ever. While on constant touring with his Spoken Word show, Rollins is involved in a few remarkable productions. He plays the lead role in the film, ‘He Never Died’ (Watch the cool trailer below) and Together with Iggy Pop and many others he leads the ‘Gutterdammerung’ project, know as ‘The Loudest Silent Movie on Earth’. 

Always an activist, Rollins recently showed his support for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. In an interview for ‘The Daily Beast’, Rollins spoke his mind about the upcoming elections in the United Sates, especially about Republican candidate Donald Trump. “He would be a disastrous president, but at the same time I don’t think he wants to be president. I think he’s just a bored rich guy being crass,” Rollins said. 

But back to the fun stuff. This week Rollins went on Late Night with Stephen Colbert to promote his new movie, and you can always trust this guy to deliver on screen. Together with Colbert, he performed an awesome heavy version for ‘Carol of the Bells’. In an added funny clip on the show, Rollins is seen frosting a gingerbread house, and quickly destroying it, just in time for the holiday. 

For you punk rockers out there, or anybody that builds great things out of anger and curiosity - Henry Rollins could inspire you this year. Make some good New Years resolutions everybody. Merry Christmas.