In Tears: That Time George Harrison & Paul Simon Played 'Here Comes the Sun' Together

Photo by Richard E. Aaron - © 1978 Richard E. Aaron - Image courtesy / Taken from

40 Years Ago: That Magical Moment the Two Performed the Beatles Song That Was Written by Harrison on SNL. Prepare to Have Shivers Down Your Spine

It was November 20th, 1976. almost 40 years ago. ‘Saturday Night Live’ just came on air a year earlier and the cast included Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Jane Curtin and many other talented comedians. In that episode - Mr. Paul Simon hosted the show, and Mr. George Harrison was the musical guest. This was 6 years after The Beatles broke up and both Simon and Harrison performed their songs. 

But it was that magical moment that both musicians set with their acoustic guitars and played Harrison’s ‘Here Comes The Sun’, originally from the ‘Abbey Road’ album. Play this now. It’ll make your day.