Watch: The Hottest New Band From Japan. LADYBABY Is Just Too Funny

Image taken from The 'LADYBABY' Official Facebook Page

Ladybeard, Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya Are the Members of 'LADYBABY'. An Eccentric Celebration of Japanese and Kawaii Culture, Combined With Heavy Metal and Just Letting Your Crazy Self Go

“We are singing, dancing and destroy ‘Kawaii-Death’ Pop Idol Group”. This is LADYBABY’s first message to the world. The Japanese group that took the internet by storm this month keeps making headlines as the crazy video for their song, ’Nippon Manju’, keeps going viral. If you haven’t seen it yet - now’s the time. 

The concept is silly and funny: In front stands wrestler and metal singer Ladybeard, a caucasian male dressed as a teenage Japanese girl (or a maid), dancing and growling to the music. By his sides, Teen singers and dancers Rie Kaneko and Rei Kuromiya. It is an eccentric celebration of Japanese and Kawaii culture, combined with metal music and just letting your crazy self go. 

The lyrics in the song are completely random and funny. “Welcome To Japan, It’s OK to buy cosmetic goods and cosplay costumes”, They sing, “Everywhere is so safe, All the cute girls in Japan, Ice Cream Scream, new products already sold out”. 

But besides all the silly act, there’s no doubt LADYBABY (Not to be confused with Japanese metal idol band ‘BABYMETAL’, also made by teenage girls) is a serious thing to it’s members and the songs are also properly produced. Singer Ladybeard recently said to Metal Hammer Magazine: “There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun, and this is a lot of fun, but metal challenges the status quo doesn’t it? Are we not doing that? It comes from so many angles that, depending on the way you look at it, it could be seen as nonsense. but we’ve invested a lot into this and I’m confident that we can win tough crowds over.” Follow for more LADYBABY updates on their Facebook and YouTube profiles.