OMG: All of Frusciante's Playing in 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' on Isolated Guitar Tracks

Image taken from the movie 'Funky Monks'

This Might Just Be One of the Coolest Things Ever to Be Published on YouTube. Keep in Mind: Frusciante Was Only 21 (!) When He Recorded These Songs. How Amazing Is That? Don't Miss This

This might just be one of the coolest things ever to be published on YouTube. Introducing: John Frusciante’s entire playing on ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik’ on isolated guitar tracks, song by song. 

The classic ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ just turned 25, and it’s been long talked about Frusciante’s genius guitar playing on that album, taking his skills to the next level and making him a world known guitarist, not just the guitarist from The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Keep in mind: Frusciante was only 21 (!) when he recorded these songs. How amazing is that? Play this today, it’ll blow your mind.